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Our Story

In Brief

Reinvented in June 2017, MagiMagi.com among many things is a news portal, Internet merchant directory and an advertising platform. We're based in Valletta, Malta.

Our Story

MagiMagi.com started in 2011. The purpose of the website at that time was to help couples getting married. Through our journey during the past years we were asked to provide our services to other customers and sellers that were different from the original intentions of the website. As time passed we felt that our website at that time didn't cater for such demand. We realised that we had to reinvent our website from scratch.

The late Steve Jobs once said "We build products that we want for ourselves". Once again we've kept this philosophy in our mindset while building websites.

This is our third version which is made up of over 56,000 lines of code and took over two years to complete. It was built from the ground up.

Our first mission statement

Getting Married in Malta

MagiMagi.com is a website dedicated to weddings in Malta and Gozo. Our goal is to help couples to start planning their wedding the right way and erduce search costs.

At MagiMagi.com we know that whenever you search the web you want information as fast as possible, right at your finger tips. Our mission is to organise local wedding suppliers’ information and make it universally accessible and useful. We make it simple for visitors to share information and get things done.

Our belief is that our platform should be fast, simple and straightforward. We understand exactly what your customers are looking for and we give them back exactly what they want from you. We want our visitors to share this experience when visiting our website.

We offer simple, powerful communication tools for any business – to streamline wedding vendors with the dreams and wishes of couples getting married.