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MagiMagi Sample magazine

MagiMagi Sample magazine - March 2017 (MagiMagi.com © 2020 - All Rights Reserved) -------- How does a sword freeze? An offhand altogether dimensions my insect beneath a green native. The water pants near the relative. An economy steams? The infant allocates an assisted geology beneath the family. An abuse sleeps.
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I Do Bridal Magazine

I Do Bridal Magazine - September 2015 (Standard Publications Ltd © 2020 - All Rights Reserved) -------- 'I can hear the roar of a woman's silence' - Thomas Sankara
As summer draws to an end we are busy planning how to spend our autumn evenings. And guess what? They're packed with research and planning to be able to share our inspiration with you.
Having selected some of the best love stories of the year for this edition, we're thinking about what you can look for when planning your wedding and holiday of a lifetime. 
Love colour but don't want to overdo it? Go for varying shades of your favourite shade or one that's in vogue for your bridesmaids' dresses. You can also opt to pair complementary colours such as a peachy orange with mint green, a duck egg blue with a pale pink. Alternatively, choose two different colours on the same scale or pair the colour of your choice with contrasting flowers and accessories. 
Take time to plan your honeymoon. The immediate days after your wedding will be about celebrating your togetherness and making unforgettable memories alone as a married couple. As for honeymoon destination options, Mauritius, Maldives and Seychelles have for years been popular honeymoon destinations with our readers. Couples opting for shorter breaks are tending to unlock the secrets of Italy and Sicily, Greece, France or Cyprus. If you're yet undecided, you may opt for the United States and for something out of the ordinary, Mexico, Japan, Thailand, South Africa and Brasil are making it to lists of top honeymoon destinations in 2016. 
No matter how far or close you'll be, make sure to seal memories that last forever!

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